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Character statsEdit

Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin (Stats-Game Mechanics 01)

Basic attributesEdit

STR - Increases damage of Physical attacks. STR is basically melee power.

INT - Determines spell power. Also increases the total amount of Mana Point.

PIE - Increases the efficiency of support skills (Clerics and Dancers classes). Also increases MP gained during level-up. Identify's skill increased by 2 per given point.

VIT - Increases the total amount of Health Point and Physical Defense.

AGI - Agility determines initiative order. Also increases Open Lock by 1 per given point. Decreases Second Hand's penality.

LUC - Luck affects various things which are not necessarily shown on the statistics screen. Luck affects abnormal status resistance. Also slightly increases Open Lock. Luck increases the efficiency of Dark skills (Ninja based characters).

Note: Some of these stats are required in a particular amount in order to equip many of the weapon and defensive equipment.

Derived attributesEdit

The values of these attributes are quantities that are derived from the character's primary attributes and classes.

HP - The total damage you can take before you die.

MP - The total amount of Mana Point.

DEF - Damage resistance: Determines how much damage you mitigate.

AV (Avoid) - Increase chance to avoid enemy attacks.

HT (Hit) - Determines Accuracy.

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