Senjin Otome
Senjin Otome - Boxart
Developer Debonosu Works
Publisher Debonosu Works
Released July 26, 2013
Japanese Title 戦刃乙女 -マキナに宿りし
System Windows
Media DVD Rom
Genre A-RPG / D-RPG

Senjin Otome -Makina ni Yadorishi Kokoro ga Negau wa...- is an adult Action RPG developed and published by Debonosu Works (Debo no Su Seisakusho) on July 26, 2013 for Windows.


Takato lives alone since his parents are hardly in the house due to work. He enjoys a pleasant school life with his osananajimi Akane and best friend Shuuichirou. One day, he received a delivery the size of a coffin from his parents, inside of which was a sleeping naked girl. She was accompanied by a note telling him to seek out the truth with her. At that time, the girl opened her eyes and his fate began to change.


Senjin Otome has top-down navigation, linear story progression, automatic leveling up, and randomly appearing enemies, which effectively makes it a Japanese-style RPG; however, unlike in most other games of the genre, the battles here aren't turn-based. Taking place on small side-scrolling areas, the battles switch to action gameplay, with the hero being able to jump, dash and execute different kinds of attacks. It will be possible to unlock several abilities during level up. However, the structure of the game and limited exploration (vast dungeon-like areas, no cities to explore), are too light to consider the game as a "true" RPG. Rather, it will be more considered as a dungeon RPG with real time battles.



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