Last Battalion
X68000 Last Battalion
Developer Sting
Publisher Sting
Released January 8, 1991
Japanese Title ラストバタリオン
System X68000
Media Floppy Disk x 2
Genre Shoot 'em up

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Last Battalion (ラストバタリオン) is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up developed and published by Sting on January 8, 1991 for the X68000.

This is a remake of the PC-Engine game known as Override, released one year earlier. However, this version contains many additions which enable it to be considered as more than just a simple port. This includes an exclusive intro sequence and some cut-scenes that were not present in Override, the inclusion of news stages, more detailed sprites and selectable difficulty levels.

There is also a new element introduced into the gameplay: the possibility to improve your score by quickly destroying bosses of each levels.

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