Kurokawa Kirara
Kurokawa Kirara - Profile
Japanese Name 黒河 雲母
(くろかわ きらら)
Race Human
Sex Female
Weapons Umbrella (spear)
Affiliation Debate Club
Voiced by Satomiya Arisa
Appears In Yumina the Ethereal

Kurokawa Kirara (黒河 雲母) is a playable female character from Yumina the Ethereal.


Website description:

The mastermind behind Yumina's candidacy. She clearly has her own reasons for supporting Yumina, but she's not about to reveal them. Her diminutive figure belies a powerful ego, and she often uses cunning ploys and underhanded tricks to lead the Debate Club to victory. No one can tell what she's really thinking at any given moment, but she is often seen wearing a dark and dangerous smile. While few people would call themselves her friend, she does seem to have a vast network of contacts throughout the academy, a fact which only adds to the mystery surrounding this strange girl.

“ ...Hmph, you're an odd one. ” Kurokawa Kirara - Animated GIF

Abilities and skillsEdit