Ku Gyoku Den
Ku Gyoku Den (Boxart)
Developer Tecno soft
Publisher Tecno soft
Released 1987
Japanese Title 九玉伝
System MSX 2 Logo

Sharp X1

Media Double sided disk x1 (MSX2)
Disk x2 (other systems)
Genre Shoot 'em up / RPG

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Ku Gyoku Den (九玉伝), a.k.a. Legendly Nine Gems, is an overhead multi-directional shooter with RPG elements, which was developed and published by Tecno Soft in 1987 for the MSX2, Sharp X1, FM-77 and PC-8801. The MSX version allows two-player support, which is not available for the other ones. Contrary to what is outlined in the original instruction manual, the game was never ported to the PC-98, Sharp X68000 and MZ-2500.




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