Gears of Dragoon
Gears of Dragoon
Developer Ninetail
Publisher Ninetail
Released Jan 25, 2013
Japanese Title ギアーズオブドラグーン
System Windows
Media DVD Rom
Genre Dungeon RPG

Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~ (ギアスオフドラグーン ~めいきゅうのウロボロス~) is an adult dungeon RPG developed and published by Ninetail on January 25, 2013 for Windows.


A new land, Elysium continent. Many dangerous monsters lurk on its surface, but plentiful resources and artifacts attract numerous treasure hunters. Being one of them, the protagonist starts his adventures. He wants to earn enough money to cure his younger sister's illness. But even the most innocent goal can be achieved via different means. Righteous light or merciless darkness? The choice is yours.


In Gears of Dragoon, as in most first-person dungeon crawlers, the player moves through 3D dungeons, encountering random enemies on the way and fights in turn-based battles. The decisions made and the way you play determines the route that you get: Law Route and Chaos Route, and that also leads to multiple different cutscenes and endings. There are sixteen playable characters, six in your team depending on the route which you have chosen. Four are playable in both Routes. There are also a few hidden bosses, after you have beaten the game storyline.


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