Farland Story: Daichi no Kizuna
Farland Story 5 Daichi no Kizuna (Boxart)
Developer TGL
Publisher TGL
Released March 17, 1995
Japanese Title ファーランドストーリー 大地の絆
System PC 9801
Media Floppy Disk
Genre Strategy RPG

Farland Story: Daichi no Kizuna (a.k.a. Farland Story 5) is a strategy RPG game developed and published by Technical Group Laboratory on March 17, 1995 for the PC 9801. Farland Story: Daichi no Kizuna is the fifth installment in the main series. An English fan-translation has been released by BTAxis.


The player controls a 17-year-old princess of Sardis named Kushna. Count Geruda and prince Shacliff wish to marry her, but she feels that she is still too young for this stuff. Therefore, she prefers to cancel the ceremony. Shortly thereafter, count Geruda whose purpose was only to seize power, invades the castle along with his army. Kushna's family is brutally murdered during the assault. Fortunately the princess manages to escape with the help from Shacliff. But from now on, its sole purpose is to take revenge.


The gameplay itself remains mainly similar to the previous titles. The battles take place on a series of maps, against enemies who are typically more numerous than your troops. The goal is usually to defeat all enemies or find a way to reach the expected destination. In these battles, you select one of your units which allows you to move it, and will be able to attack as soon as the enemy is in range. Every attack leads to a counterattack, and every units involved in a battle sequence will gain experience points and can level up.

Defense and attack statistics are altered according to the terrain and it is possible to get an advantage, by positioning yours troops in the forest, mountains, in a town, etc. Then, it's up to you to find a workable strategy.


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