Briganty - The Roots of Darkness
PC 9801 Briganty
Developer GIGA
Publisher GIGA
Released Oct 27, 1995 (PC-9801)
Feb 26, 1999 (Windows)
Japanese Title ブリガンティ - The Roots of Darkness
System PC 9801
Media Floppy Disk x6 (PC-9801)
Genre Action / beat 'em-up


Briganty - The Roots of Darkness is a side-scrolling action game with role-playing, platforming and beat 'em-up elements developed and published by GIGA in 1995 for the PC-9801. This game was ported later to Windows in 1999 with more detailed graphics. The original PC-9801 release includes a big poster.


The player controls Gady, a man skilled in martial arts and Sephina a female sword wielder. You can use both alternately to fight enemies in a perfect mix of platforming and beat 'em-up game. Fight enemies to gain experience and when the characters level up, you learn new moves. Example: when Gady reaches level 2, input down, down-forward, forward + attack. Stages are selected from a map and for the most part must be completed in a linear order. In the town it is possible to heal and save the game. A good PC-98 game but however rather short.


PC 9801 Version

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