Pc 9801 Alpha
Developer Square
Publisher Square
Released July 8, 1986
Japanese Title アルファ
System PC-8801 (also available for the Sharp X1, FM-77 and PC-9801)
Media Floppy Disk
Genre Adventure


Alpha (アルファ) is a text adventure game developed and published by Square on July 8, 1986 for the PC-8801.


An adventure game of a command input type which directly inputs an instruction from the keyboard. The player advances the story by giving instructions to Chris who is the leading character of the game and acting.


Before the end of the 21st century, human beings explored the planets of the solar system and turned their eyes toward development to planets outside the solar system. The name of the planet is Epidantus epsilon system Alpha. However, the distance to the destination is 10.7 light years and the endless end. An artificial hibernating apparatus and the like have not yet been established, and it took hundreds of years to reach the destination. Therefore, human beings have created a spacecraft for interstellar navigation with a huge residential area "Daedalus", forming a society, while trying to live a self-sufficient life, to reach the destination for many generations Thought. In the year 2101 AD spacecraft "Daedalus" who has dreamed of human race put tens of thousands of people on the solar system. And time flows --- There is no human being living as I traveled the Earth anymore. Human beings who only know space and ships know that not everyone who talks about the dreams and hopes they had when they left the earth but lived only lazy every day. Meanwhile, there was a girl nestling in the hill inside the ship. Her name is Chris. But all other memories were lost. ... suddenly a large explosion occurs in the residential area in front of her. "Daedalus" The revolution began on board the ship! Chris caught up in the incident will see unexpected things at the center of Daedalus.


Unlike the current PC games at that time, many of them had relatively high difficulty levels. This tendency is also strong in this game, and there are things that you can never get it again if you lose the item you got, in that case you only have to start over the game from the beginning. Also, in important scenes, command mistakes are not allowed, you also have to pay attention to keyboard mistakes etc. Although the main character 's Chris will not die even if it fails in an important scene, it will not be able to proceed any further, and there is a possibility that the game will practically be over. Chris is also a girl with thin clothes, there are service scenes such as getting caught in a prison and becoming naked.

BGM is in charge of Nobuo Uematsu, who will become famous later. In the package, there was a sono sheet in which the arrangement version of BGM used in the game and the image song of the main character Chris were recorded.